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September 20th, 2007

September is National Coupon Month

by Nathan | 1 comment

In the American society, coupons and coupon clipping plays an important role in the buying and selling of products, as these money-saving items are so popular that the entire month of September is devoted. Each year, billions of dollars are saved with the use of coupons, as some people have taken this action to an art form, as the average coupon is worth about $1, making it possible to bring home a ton of products for free throughout the year.

September 16th, 2007

Join Restaurant E-Mail Lists for Great Deals

by Nathan | 14 comments

Many restaurants have caught onto the idea of email lists to generate return business. These emails will give patrons information such as current specials, deals, promotional offers, coupons and new menu items.

The type of information that is collected is normally name, address, e-mail address and special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and such. As an incentive to sign up, these businesses offer a discounted or free meal on those special occasions.